Prayer for Success

by Dee (Fort Worth, TX)

Thank you Dear LORD for all that you have done for me and my family. Thank you for our strength, thank you for allowing us to be in our right minds, thank you for keeping us happy and safe.

I am praying today for you to show us favor. Because of you LORD my oldest son graduated rom college with a BA Degree. If it is your will we are asking that you make it possible for him to get the job that closes on July 20th. You gave me a good son and watch over him and allow him to get back on his feet. Bless him and someday bless his family.

I pray that they be happy healthy and strong as well. Bless my husband dear LORD, thank you for keeping him safe and health Bless his health, business and volunteer interests. Show him favor for he is a good man who gives so much of his time to others. He works so hard mentoring and trying to show others how that it does not matter where you come from. Thank you for all that you have done for me. I too put in for a promotion. If it is for me so be it. Most of all bless my little one that will be entering school for the first time.

Keep him from evil. Allow him to succeed in school. Thank you dear LORD for giving us this little strong willed blessing. Work with him on his temper and surround him with positive friends and teach him love and treat others with respect. Thank you for his confidence and protect him from evil people for he has never meet a stranger as my grandmother would say. He trust everyone and want to be every bodies friend.

Protect us all and bless that we are successful. Bless us all for you know our hearts not only in my family but to those who follow and believe in you or who are not able to think and protect themselves. .