Prayer for success in school

by Gela ()

Please pray for me as I have been struggling in nursing school. I desire to care for my brothers and sisters in Christ. This is where my heart is. I have not been doing well on tests, but I know that I can do it with God’s help.

I know He has amazing plans for all of us. Please pray that I will stay motivated and that I will be able to pull up my average. I have one more unit test and I am depending on this to help me obtain a passing grade.

I know that I am not the only one struggling with school out there, so I ask that you please keep all students, especially those who are in the same situation as I am, in your thoughts and prayers as well.

Thank you so much. May God bless each and every one of us.

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  1. My daughter

    Dear our father in heaven please give my daughter the strength and guidance she needs these last months of nursing school. She is a wonderful caring individual and wishes to care for the sick. She struggles with test anxiety. Please help to calm her.


  2. Please pray for me to do well for the rest of the semester

    Please pray for me to help me bring up my grades for the rest of this semester. It has been overwhelming and I need guidance from god to help me study hard until my final exams.

  3. current 10th grader

    please pray for me. I’m struggling and I don’t know what to do. my parents switched me to a whole different school. I left all my friends and everyone I had ever known. I now attend a school that’s across the city. I’m failing all my classes right now because I cant think, I feel like crying every time my mom drops me off because I know i’ll wont graduate my my REAL class. I’m at risk of failing high school and I’m scared. Believe me, I’m a great student. I ended my 9th grade year with a 4.0 GPA. Switching to a different school screwed me up. Please Please pray for me. I know I cant do this by myself..

  4. impressive grades and the favour of The Lord

    Help me to pray that in this forth coming exam success will be mine and I will experience God’s favour throughout the course of the exam and throughout the markings ..and that when the result is out I will be a testimony and through me people will praise God..thanks and God bless

  5. impressive grades and the favour of The Lord

    Help me to pray that in this forth coming exam success will be mine and I will experience God’s favour throughout the course of the exam and throughout the markings ..and that when the result is out I will be a testimony and through me people will praise God..thanks and God bless

  6. Struggling Son in school

    Please pray for my son Austin that he perform better in school. Let him be teachable and understand what he needs to learn in school. Place confidence in him that he is capable. Let him find favor with his teachers with an understanding kind heart. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  7. Physical therapy

    I will be enrolling in physical therapy school in the fall. It is a 6 year program and it is going to be rigorous. Please pray for me that I will pass pt school without failing a class.

  8. Struggling Son

    My son is struggling in school. He is at risk of not graduating from high school. Please pray that he will not give up and that my son will talk to his AP Literature teacher. It is my prayer that the teacher will have compassion and let him do extra credit to bring his grade up. Please pray for my son.

    I truly believe that through God all things are possible.

  9. Trouble in school

    Please pray for my son, he is having a hard time with his school work. Pray that he learns how to read and do his math better.. Also please pray that he stop misbehaving in school, it’s stopping his learning process.. Thank you. Be bless.

  10. A prayer for courage

    Please pray for me that I can once again recieve the great marks I once had in school, and put myself at the top of my class. Please pray that I do not become ambitious, and that I credit the lord God, for this gift he has brought upon me. I live every day, knowing that it is you dear God who has brought me into this world. Let me live a life with all my loving brothers and sisters. Please pray for my parents, my brother, and my sisters. Please pray for me that one day I can become a doctor, and so that I a, able to work hard in order to achieve this goal. Please pray for me my brothers and sisters. I hope you all live a blessed life, and all goes well. I pray for you.

  11. Pray for me

    Please pray for my success in school , that I am able to over come any challenges that cross my path and that any project I execute will come out fantastic. Please dear Lord help me to deal with the dress and be able to cope , help me to be quick on my feet and let me find a solution for any problem I encounter. In your name I pray, Amen.

  12. prayer for success in secondary school

    Dear Jesus ,
    I Pray That Yuu Will Guide And Protect Everyone Who Is In School Right Now.Father guide us in our school work and help us to stay focused in our school work especially for exams.jesus i beg that you help us in our studies and everything that we need in order to pass our exams i and jesus i ask that you cover each and every one of us under your precious blood during exams.i ask this in jesus’s name amen.

  13. My child is the outcast in class

    My daughter has started Kindergarten and the children & teachers seem to pick on her. They accuse her of doing things she isn’t doing. She’s doing her best to be the best in class, but it just seems as if something goes wrong it’s my daughters fault & she’s the one who gets blamed for everything. Everyone gets a star in class every day, but my daughter doesn’t. She wants to be friends with the other students, but she’s afraid because if something goes wrong, she knows that it’ll be her fault. We talk everyday about this problem, but it’s appears she’ll never win. I pray….she prays & still she comes home with a bad report. Now she’s at the point to where she doesn’t want to go back to school anymore. I need your help

  14. please pray for my daughter m g f she is 16 years old she going to start her lost grade in high school she makes very low marks she having problems understanding what to do when she read she have no

    my daughter monika g.f is 16 years old need God help to finish her last grades in high school she makes very low marks so far in her studies she asking for God help to give her much more wisdoms susecss confidants and to understand what to do after she reads however monika and her family like to thank god for keeping us alive and giving us streight and lord the keep monika g f little brother safe and well also to go on don’t matter what thank you lord in Jesus name amen

  15. my son education

    please help me to pray for my son education, he is very weak in reading and has a very poor concentration. He is the only one who gets the lowest marks in his class, he is attending afternoon classes every week Monday to Friday but I still hear bad news every time I go and pay the afternoon classes they always tell me that he needs to be push more, so please help me I cant handle all the stress and I also don’t want to give up on my own child cause his future depends on it, my family children are all doing so good in their academies and when they talk about it I always feel so left out and shame. I know that my only solution is God and nobody else, please people of God lets bend our knee together and pray that evil spirit will release my kid from all his wicked life in the name of Jesus, I rebuke it in Jesus Name., thank you Jesus for releasing my child from the wicked people in Jesus Name.. Amen

  16. Prayer Request for Success in College

    Please grant my son successful and passing grades in his business and statistics classes. Please show him your almighty hand and loving care for his well being. Grant him success and bless his efforts. In your name I pray.

  17. Prayer for the right school for my son

    Please pray that my son will be acepted into the middle school that is right for him. He is on the waiting list for the school we would like him to attend. He is a hard-working innocent fifth-grader going into sixth grade. I am very afraid of the bullying which occurs at our district school. I pray that God will show us where he will thrive and where he will be safe. I know God has a plan for him, please help me realize that and help me make the decisions that are best for my son. I pray for his protection and wisdom and that he continues to be the kindhearted boy that he is now. I also thank the Lord for all he has done for me and my family. We are truly blessed.
    Thank you

  18. I too struggle with school and need miracle prayers

    Need help concentrating to finish school
    Need confidence and more
    I am a Senior but I need to do this for finances

  19. Academic probation

    Please help me by praying for me. I’m in academic probation and can not get any D’s on my rwport card.

  20. Prayers

    Please pray for me during my Master’s Program. I am taking my first class now and I am feeling overwhelm. I pray for confidence and success as I go through this program. Thank you for all the prayers!!

  21. Prayers

    Please pray for me during my Master’s Program. I am taking my first class now and I am feeling overwhelm. I pray for confidence and success as I go through this program. Thank you for all the prayers!!

  22. Prayer for getting good marks

    My son Nivin is 10th std.who is awaiting for his ist part result. We need your prayer on in this matter.last year he got less marks and we lost our confidence. but I firmly believe that this year GOD will give him good marks even though he is not brilliant.I surrender him to GOD hand


  23. Prayer for getting good marks

    My son Nivin is 10th std.who is awaiting for his ist part result. We need your prayer on in this matter.last year he got less marks and we lost our confidence. but I firmly believe that this year GOD will give him good marks even though he is not brilliant.I surrender him to GOD hand


  24. My son

    Dear Lord,
    Please be with my son as he enters his senior year of high school. He lost his way last year, but with your grace and guidance he is back on track. Please help him to do his best to be the best he can be in all ways. Be with his teachers that they will not define him by his mistakes, but see how he has grown from them and help h to become the man he is meant to be. We all make mistakes Lord. He is trying to move beyond his shortcomings. Please, I pray, let the teachers help and not hinder his advancement.

  25. MIguel

    Please guide & help my beautiful son to have a better year as his first school year was really bad and no 6 year old should have to be put down….guide him and give him confidence to believe that he is special and he can make it.

  26. Alone

    I am amazed that I am not alone. I am in nursing school too, and hope that I pass this semester. Every point is so critical. Nursing is God’s plan for my life. I truly believe this. I have lost motivation as I am not pat of the so-called group. I don’t fit in, because I am not married or have children. Also, I have very little support. I feel as if I am traveling the road alone, as I have to support myself financially and academically. I know God is with me. I just pray for the journey to continue and be successful. Thanks and God bless.

  27. daughter

    Please help and prayer for my daughter who is struggling in school. Please give her strength and wisdom to overcome her obstacles.

  28. You can do it

    I am a teacher in community college and I see struggling students all the time. I always encourage them to keep at it and they can make their dreams come true. Sometimes, you just need to keep going, even small steps forward, and soon you will find you’ve completed important parts of your degree journey. If you can, take a lighter schedule. Give yourself more time to do quality work in the classes you do have. Believe in yourself and lean on your friends and family for encouragement. Remember, don’t give up. Keep moving forward. YOU CAN DO IT! God Bless!

  29. Prayer to be successful in school

    Please pray for me to successful in nursing school. I really want to become a nurse to help my mom and family. It is really hard but I am studying and praying to get good grade that I can finish.

    Thank you Lord Jesus

  30. school

    I beg you Jesus to help me do good in school as I get ready to take on the biggest challenge of my life. Please help me to finish my Respiratory Care Therapy program so I can take care of the il.give me the strength & intelligence to overcome this obstacle. Thank you God. Love you!

  31. Never Give Up....

    Lord it has been such a long road. You have taken me further than i could have ever imagined and to you i am forever grateful. I was given the opportunity to go back to school. Please Lord I ask that you continue to guide me and keep me safe and strong. My dreams of graduating from college never left me. I am excited and honored as the time is winding down. God is truly good. I just wanted to take a moment to share, be blessed stay motivated and know that God is right there beside you just take him by the hand. I love you Lord.

  32. Prayer to Stay in the Nursing Program

    Dear Lord Jesus, please help me to do well in all of my nursing tests in order to stay in the program. So far, I have failed two quizzes and I need the strength and motivation to do well in all the tests that come here on out. I really need your help to pass my med calculation test because I have only one more chance left to take that quiz. It’s been really hard for me to focus in school due to the fact that my mother is ill but please keep me focused so that I may be able to pass all my nursing classes in time and be a successful nurse in the future! Amen.

  33. Prayer Request For YOU

    I ask The Lord to bless you as these words I type right now to restore the knowledge you need and the favor over your life that HE may water your seed for harvest. Through HIM and for HIM, stand firm in faith and know HIS love and mercy are with you. May others who witness your face see HIS spirit shine within your eyes and heart that you are HIS CHILD and never feel defeated for this is your time. You were destined to be born during this hour and may your work be in HIS will and glory now and always. I pray this is JESUS NAME THAT HE COVERS YOU IN HIS BLOOD AND YOU MAY SOAR LIKE THE EAGLE…AMEN.

  34. Prayer for graduation

    Lord, please help me survive these last few weeks of school. I’m struggling really bad and my teacher will not help me, I’ve gone to the dean and that does not seem to be working. I’m doing everything that I can just to graduate on time, but I don’t think I can do this alone. Lord, please guide in the right direction as to what to do and please help me with my studies as well as determining a good career path. God bless all those who are struggling as bad as I am and who are trying as hard as I am. Please help us. Amen.

  35. prayer for success in my school

    I just entered back to school to do radiology, but I found myself struggling with my class especially biology class. Please pray for me that God will give me wisdom to make it through all the class with a passing grade. I believe God is able to do all thing.

  36. Nursing school

    I am also in nursing school and trying to finish my education so I can go out and serve the Lord. My classmates and I need all the divine help we can get so we can move on to serve.

  37. Pray for my son who's struggling at school

    Lord, please help my son to succeed at school, to be more responsible, to not give up, to have a drive for success, to make friends (since he is from a different country), to not lie. Please help him see your light so he is not afraid of changes or commitments. He’s in his last years of High school, please don’t abandone him and please help us, as parents, to understand, forgive and teach him wisely. Please don’t abandon him, is your son, the baby angel you sent us from heaven to take care of him here on earth. Help us my lord, help us in this valley of tears.

  38. Prayer request

    I have been crying since yesterday idk how I found this website but I gave up and God is my only hope. Please pray for me to be successful at school I am in political science major I am trying to finish my undergrad so I can be accepted to law school. I am trying my best but it’s very difficult for me because I used to be an ESL stundent and my writing skills are not as good as other students. I am emotionally, mentally, and financially struggling please pray for me and pray for my mom.

  39. help with their studies

    My grandsons are Seniors,they are into things drinking and other thing please pray that they want to stop and care to finish school.All I have wanted for them is to be something that that will make them proud of themselves. Please pray to our Lord with me. Thank you

  40. 9th grade

    this year i started high school and decided to give myself a push. I took honors Biology and am currently struggling on not just my bio tests but even my math. Ive noticed this recent occurrence as I’ve been trying to draw closer to the lord. Im sad because these grades are holding me back from what i could be and classes i feel as though i can handle. I’m confident in myself that i know the information but its not showing that i do on test. I’m asking for your prayers because i know that I’m better than what these grades are showing. I feel as though I’m being attached harder than ever by the devil and i desperately need prayers!! Thank you so much!


    Please help my daughter and I pray for a passing grade on her EOC Tests this month. Science test (tomorrow) and Math test later this month. God is able and I believe that she will pass both tests.

  42. Completing School

    I am a 42 year old mom/wife/Mimi. I QUIT SCHOOL in the 11th grade. Yes I did capitalize it because quit has played a major role in my life. I have been trying to for years not to obtain my GED/Hiset. No it has not been easy and as the years go by it gets harder and harder. I have been blessed with good jobs, jobs that I never thought I’d be able to get without it. But the fact is I’m at the place in my life where I want a degree. I know we hear day after day it’s never too late, but with the society we face day after day I do feel I don’t have that much time. Right now I’m in the middle of a big financial situation, but I also know that “Trouble Don’t Last Always” my goal is to help others. I ask God Day after day to use me to do his work on earth. I am now enrolled in school this obtain my GED. I refuse allow myself, or anyone or anything to discourage me. But I pray to God for guidance and leadership. I pray to not give up, to keep pushing and working hard nonstop to get and accomplish where I need to be. I pray for success in both my GED and obtaining a degree. I know it won’t be easy and I will face lots of obstacles on my way up. But I ask God today and everyday for full strength to make it, that I DO NOT under any circumstances allow the devil and Satan to take me under. I pray for all others who are trying to accomplish their dreams. No matter the person. In Jesus Christ mighty mighty name. Amen and Amen 🙏🏾 🙌🏽

  43. Nursing School

    Lord, please god, help me stay strong and complete nursing school this December and pass my boards the first time. I am trying so hard. Thank you for everything. I love you.

  44. School test

    I’ve been trying my best so far in end of term test. Yet still, my nerves get the best of me and my competitors beat me, please pray for me to finally get an A, and in my upcoming test to have the strength and guidance to do well.


    Dear lord help me in this journey that I’m taking at this moment.
    Help me stay focus, guide ,protect me in jesus name i pray AMEN…

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