prayer for success in financial

by Johanna Daniel (WINDHOEK,NAMIBIA)

oh Lord father. i am here today giving g u my problems, on financial especial father. i am working but when i get paid my money is always gone i spend it to unnecessary things. i am always broke in the middle of the month because i don’t have any way hope will i send my financial :

secondly father i am dating my boy friend for three years, father and we never i had introduce us to the parents father god. i am giving u this in the Jesus name to give us ideas to talk about it father god us we are human being. father god, came in to our heart, bless our family , our houses . god show us the path were we can pass through to success in our lives father god. i know everything it will be possible if we give to you our problems.

i would like too thank you also for taking care of us on this earth father. i would also thank god for giving me job, health man, health baby. i thank you god for give a house were i and my daughter is staying. father god destroy the devil which is in my mother house , destroy the curse which on my heart. father god this morning when enter in to the office my life was disspointed by Mr. frank and my boss please i am praying for this should be destroy by the fire father god. send the fire to them to stop doing that to me. may be they weant to chase me away from this work place were God HAD SHOW ME. FATHER GOD I KNOW WILL HAVE POWER ON THIS PLEASE HELP AND help them to be away from me. destroy the devil in this work place father god i am cry to you.