prayer for success in any exams

by Gabriel Okon Ubana (Calabar, Crossriver State, Nigeria)

Glory be to the father, to the son, and to the holy spirt amen.

heavenly father, i thank you for giving me the gift of life, and also leting me survive till today, i also thank you for everything you have done for me knownly and unknownly, may your name be for ever gloryfied in jesus name amen.
father lord in heaven, i pray that you forgive me of all my sins, use the blood your son jesus christ shared on the cross to wash all my sins away, and let my heart be as clean as according to your will and also keep me free from sins and temptations in jesus name amen.
almighty God, i pray that your will should be done on earth as it is in heaven and all those that worship you should worship you in spirit and in truth in jesus name amen.
Daddy, i am about to take a another step to my feature and that i can do by succeding in the exams i am about to write. so i pray, that you should come into my heart, mind, spirit and my writing materials. daddy i pray that you help me recall all what i have read and learnt, come into me completly and give me a peaceful mind to be abel to relax, open my eyes and brains so that i can be able to read the questions and andwer them correctly, and answer those questions i cant answer for me. let me come out of the exam hull successfuly and also with happeness that i have taken a very good step to my feature. touch who so ever is marking my exams to make it with passion, love, joy and also bless the examiner in jesus name anen. let me not be a failure but a success in jesus christ your sons name i pray amen. Thank you father because i know u will do it as you have done others for me, may your name be for ever gloryfied and praised amen.

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