Prayer for success and achievement

by Christina (NSW)

Dear Lord,

I ask that you shine your grace on my husband and I. We have had some wonderful blessings in recent times and we show our gratitude to you with virtuous behaviour. We have been sent so many earth angels and through our prayer and regular church attendance your mercy has really been a blessing for us.

He is about to go for the job that he has been so wanting to be a part of. His life has changed and I love him so much more because he has found you in everything. He wants a new life that is honourable and filled with peace and love – he needs guidance for this and the right people and team so that he can shine for you Lord.

Please send him all your angels and your saints today and in the spirit of loving grace and mercy favour his request, our request – all honour and glory is your Lord and we give humble thanks for all your works.
In the name of Jesus Christ – we love you