Prayer for Succes in My Studies

by Love (Ph)

Dearest Saint Jude,

Please help me to gather my strength and put my faith in God; to let him be my guide as I study and answer my exams. Currently, I have nothing that motivates me to keep on going and I may have been experiencing burnout from all the studying that I have been doing.

I need to study well since my parents are hoping that I am to graduate next year. Also, that I may be able to work afterwards and help them to cover our family expenses. I don’t want to be a burden to my family and everyone else.

But, what demotivates me to keep going is that even though I am studying everyday, I see no fruits in the efforts that I put into. I don’t want to stay under the cloud and get stressed everyday over such reason. Hopefully, I may be able to catch up with my grades soon and get better with studying.Thank you for hearing me out.

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