Prayer for struggling

Lord., we need you now more than ever. We continue to run into brick walls daily in each task we do. We are struggling right now, at a point that we have never experienced before. The road looks so dark, the map looks so foggy. We need comfort.we need your LOVE. We need YOUR words. We need you, your spirit, your being, your strength, your wisdom to ease the stress. There are so many things snowballing in to an unmanageable size of despair. Somehow I know it has to get better, but I’m struggling to have faith. I just don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Please guide this family. Please love us and walk with us. Please help us. We need you so much. Only you know out hearts and our should. Please.please.please.please hell us.

I thank you Lord. For everything you are, got your being, your Grace, your love and your light.
In Jesus’s name, I pay, amen.

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