Prayer for stronger foundation in marriage

by Lisa ()

Heavenly Father as I come before you this day I want to first thank you for everything that you already have done for me and my family lord if I’ve shown any ungratefulness I asked that you forgive me because I’m appreciated for everything you’ve blessed me with father I’m calling upon your name this day praying to you for my marriage I have been dealing with so much and lord you already know the things I’ve been faithful for in my marriage teach me to be slow to anger when my husband comes at me with negative words because lord his words alone hurts me so much and the exception of my children lord I know that my children isn’t his biological children I asked that he treat my children like his own with love and that we as a family can keep our focus on what you have for us and to build a stronger foundation in our marriage because lord I love my husband and he needs me like I need him keep us under your wings lord I made a lot of bad choices in my life and this one decision I made was so horrible that it brought seperation between me and my husband I know that I wasn’t supposed to make decisions while angry but I did I put my family in Jeopardy of becoming homeless and only you can fix this mess i made I’m praying that this is in your will for us to be in unity and peace and love in Jesus name I pray amen.

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