Prayer for strong faith and find a job

by Agnes (Philippines)

Dear Lord I am asking you to give me more strength to be faithful in you and always bilieve that I can surpass all these trials your giving me all at the same time. At times lord I feel like giving up please knock inside my heart and remind me to stand still because lord I feel now that I am loosing my strength. I lost my job just because of a lung scar which i gain because of charity work. Please allow me again to find a good job so that I can do all my duties as a single mom for my two daughter. I also want to continue helping those People who are in need. My own family also facing financial crisis because I am the one who was supporting them back when I have my job. My mom and dad need me . I know you had your own way of showing me that I am still your child. I thank you lord for letting my kids stay healthy after my eldest two heart operation . I can see in your ways that even I dont have job i also dont need much money to send them for medcation because youre always with us. The same way with my parents despite with their age you continue giving them good health. I may had mistake in my past but help me to make it all right for the second time. I request for a good job to send my kids to school same way I did to others before when i still have the job. And i want us to have a shelter and shift my parents to better place and taste a better life before they go back in your arms. You know lord all the blessing I always recieved from you is also i shared with everyone . All of these I lift to your hands that in Jesus name all will be done according to your will. Amen

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