Prayer for Stressful Situation at Work

by Myra (Washington)

God please forgive me for not being totally honest at work. I know that associate had class on Tuesdays but I didn’t notify the team as soon as I knew. I completely overlooked because I was so busy hiring people on.

I did inform the associate he has to use his own PTO and UPT to cover time missed, but I should have acted with better judgement and not have hired him on. Now he is under investigation for time card fraud because he left work for class without punching in and out.

God I’m so worried because I’m afraid of looking like a fool at work. God I’m also so sorry for harming another one of your children and I’m sorry for dishonoring you. Please forgive me and help me stop condemning myself. Thank you for your mercy and grace. I’ll own up to any consequences I receive. I love you.

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