Prayer for Strentgh, Clarity and Happiness

by Michael (GB USA)

Dear God,

I am calling on you for strength and clarity during this rough patch which never seems to end. I pray for forgiveness for my past mistakes. I have been committed to change for a long time and although it feels like it goes unnoticed by others, I thank you for past and future guidance in helping me stay on this path. Despite the verbal assualts from someone dear to me I pray for your help that I can maintain my center and not be prompted to react in the same fashion.

I ask that you can guide the person dear to me to the inner peace that only you can foster so she can realize how wonderful she is. Our time hear is short and if I am fortunate enough to live into my 80’s I am a little over half way to hopefully eternal life.

I pray that you continue to lead me on the road to make that happen. In closing I want to thank you for a wonderful, healthy, loving family that I am truly blessed to be part of. Errare humanum est.

All My Love

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