Prayer for strengthen during difficult times as a single parent

by Elsa (KL, Msia)

Dear Lord,

I ask for your guidance and strength to help me to move forward during these difficult times. Life seems to be so overwhelming. My jobs seems to be going without a direction and security. Office works seems to be falling apart – seminar that i am coordinating didnt work out well. Attendance is low and lots of frustration working with others who does not want to do the job but just questioning. There is no team work.

In my country, christians are now oppressed by govt. Lots of Injustice and discrimination happening. Once there were so much peace, harmony and tolerance among other races. Churches are not allowed to use shoplots to worship. Forced to pay to rent halls. No land were allocated to build a place Christians whilst others are gazetted to have a mosque.

Thanks Lord, I know that you are fighting the battle on my behalf and the good plans that you have for me and my family will come to past.