Prayer For Strength

Dear Lord, please help me to pass my test. I have taken it five times and i still cannot pass it. I am torn apart and I beg you to please help me pass it. I need you now more then ever. To others it may not seem like a big deal but to me it is. My whole career depends on it. I know that I am smart but every time I go to take it I freeze up during it and do not pass it.

I have one more try to take it and I cannot fail Lord. Please, please, please help me Lord I know you are their and am begging you to please help me. I do not know what else to do or say to you to please help me. It is so hard for me to study so much when I have my finals soon to study for and on top of this to try and study for this ACT.

I try to be strong and I tell myself that I can but as soon as I feel like I can I put negative thoughts in my head. Please help me Lord I am a struggling soul right now and want to feel like you have not forgotten about me Lord. Please help me I don’t know how long I can keep feeling like this.

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