Prayer for Strength

Dear God,

Please help me over come this abusive relationship. Please give me the strength I need. I do not wish any harm but my heart can’t take it anymore and in my own home I feel like a prisoner. I leave in your hands my problems and please help take this person out of my home and life.

I pray for strength and guide me through the right path as I do not want my kids to see what I go thru. I should not leave the home as I am the head of household and pay for everything. I have no future with this man but at time feel very
scared of his actions and of what might happen.

I try to tell him nicely I do not want to be in a relationship with him anymore and his anger just takes over. Why should I be living this life? I am very independent and always made ends meet for my children and myself.

Now I have a person who not only controls and is very abusive mentally but does not work and want to live off of me. Its been too long having to take this and feel like I am at my breaking point. You have seen all the tears I have shed when I can’t take it anymore and I have fallen into a depression mode. Please hear my prayers.

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