Prayer for Strength

by Sonya (Maine)

Dear Lord, please help me through this hard part of my Life. I know I failed you and did not believe for the longest time. Satan got a hold of me, and now I am at the bottom of my life.

I am going to loose my job, I feel ashamed for what I done and often said.
Please help me.
I was so blessed, and did not see how blessed I was, until this all happened now.
Life was good, and I thought I don’t need you, I do, you where always on my side, until Satan took over, help me and my family do walkthrough this part of our life.
Help my son to come to his senses, give my husband strength to make it through it all,
give us strength as a family, so we can make it.
I believe in you, I always did, Life was good, and I pushed you to the side, instead of thanking you every day, I thought I don’t need you.
Please forgive me for all my sins,and come back into my life.

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