Prayer for Strength , wisdom, courage and guidance

by MRKS (De Rock)

Father God I come to you broken! I feel lost and have not energy. God I ask you to lift me up so I can do the things I need to do. God help me not to try and do all things on my own because I am weak and your are strong and I need you. I need you now more than ever. Father so many things seem to being going not as I hoped and I am getting a little discouraged. God its so hard starting over in Life. A new relationship I’m not sure will work a new company and a new job. God be with my partner also help him to be more like you God, may i be a blessing to him and he a blessing to me. Father i ask thee to lead and guide this relationship take us where you want it to go even if it means separated. God let your will be done in our life. Father give me the strength to carry on. Though this road is rough and rocky give me the knowledge to work with the resources that i have. God bless my finances may the little that have carry me where I need to go. Lord I thank thee for your blessings they have been so many!!! God may I hear your voice in all that i do and me you be my counselor in life’s journey and in this difficult time I’m going through. Father Guide us by your Holy Spirit that we stay on the right path and always walk in your light in Christ Holy and Precious name Amen

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