Prayer for Strength, Wisdom and Trust

by S (Usa)

dear lord please guide me during this trial in my life. I am facing a legal battle and jail. I am scared to death. I submit to you father. I am so sorry and ask for forgiveness. I know you are the only one I can truely lean on and are the only one that can guide me and carry me through this. Everything I have worldly is gone.

What matters most is my family and your love.Sometimes I feel I can’t go on to face another day. Without you I know I could not. I pray for everyone with substance abuse and all those that are afflicted.

Please lord help my family and bring us together to fight this with your will to be done. I don’t know how to survive this alone. Forgive me and carry us all through this trial. Amen. Thank you for loving me as I am unworthy of any love at all. xoxox