Prayer for Strength, Wisdom and Peace

by Elena Marie Cortright (Greensboro, NC USA)

Please lord, I kneel down before you to beg for the strength to beat my disordered eating mentality. I seek your comfort. I know that the constant self bashing and depravation goes against what you intend for your beloved child. I wish to love myself as you love me.

I pray to feel serenity and confidence again; and to ease the anxiety, doubt and obsessions I am facing. Lord I beg for forgiveness. Forgive my sins. I feel awful for having committed them. Grant me Lord, Jesus Christ, the courage and power to overcome the negative and draining thoughts of food and how I eat. Allow me to feel happy and energized again.

I pray that I will once again live as the daughter you intended me to be. I wish to serve you. Your greatness is unstoppable and your kingdom has no end. I pray for the motivation and strength to complete the tasks I am meant for each and every day. I pray for my focus. I pray to spread your love and your presence amongst all those who I come in contact with.

Please guide me in my future. On Tuesday, October 15 I will be taking the GRE standardized test. Please be with me and ease all anxiety I have that counters my confidence. Allow me to excel in my passion lord. I pray for the accurate scores needed to attend the ECU grad program. You know my path lord. Guide me.

For I am yours to guide and you are now and will always be the one I am meant to follow. Please lord, heal me. Comfort me. I am so thankful for the many blessings you have bestowed upon me. More so, I pray for others. That they find you in their dark tunnels. Grant them the serenity and courage to face the struggles in front of them. Give them hope. I pray that they seek you, find you, and embrace your wondrous ways and undying love.

I pray that they come to serve you and to recognize how blessed they are to just have you in their hearts. Forgive my selfishness, for you have provided me with everything I need to survive…and more. I thank you Lord, for my family, my friends, my womanhood and my overall health. I trust in you lord. I give my worries to you. Thank you for my struggles, for they are the perfect opportunity to grow stronger. Thank you for my trials and tribulations, for it is why I am able to recognize all the good and blessed in my life. Thank you for allowing me to continue to exist in human form on this earth. So that I can testify in your name, in which ever ways you should have me testify.

I love you Lord. I breath you. I see you and I feel you. Amen.