prayer for strength to support my family in their financial needs

Dear Lord,

I ask you to help me thru this time of financial need and provide a way.
You know that I am a good hard worker. At times I have worked 2 jobs to support my husband and my pets (my furry children as I have not been blessed with children of my flesh) and my home.

I have prayed for you to move my husband and help him thru his drugs and depression and get a job and be the husband that you would want him to be, even to help with
the house to ease my burden. I thank you for the blessing of this job when I needed one at layoff. I am struggling with the reduced income and long travel to keep being the provider and stand strong.

It breaks my heart that I cannot support my parents in their financial need and elderly years. I sacrifice pride to take support from them. I do not ask this for luxury or gain. I take responsibility for the poor choices I have made. I am trying to do right by my creditors and keep the trust.

I do not want to claim bankruptcy. I do not want to move back with my parents in shame.
Was my sin the sin of pride of being a good worker and standing by my husband? I do not want divorce again. I am so depressed and worried. I cry all the time and do not sleep, I keep praying and know you will provide.

Please show me what to do. I am paralyzed and do nothing but wait for the axe to fall. I have distanced myself from friends and family with shame.

I am so tired and at my end. You know my heart, Lord. I ask this with humility and praise and thanksgiving through Jesus’s name. Amen.

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