Prayer for strength to overcome this

dear lord , i beg you to help me overcome this huge mistake i have made. i am truly sorry &’ promise to become a better person. please help me overcome this in the best way possible. im soo scared :/ i dont know what to do anymore i’ve given up on everything &’ i need help &’ guidance please give me the strength to overcome this &’ to not repeat this mistake again ..

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  1. I'll pray for you!


    I understand the feeling you describe of making a big mistake, regretting it, and feeling scared. I know how awful it can feel to do something you can’t change or take back. It can feel like a heavy weight on your heart. I’ve felt that way many times.

    I’ll pray for you that you are able to forgive yourself for this mistake, let go of it, and have the strength to learn from it & not repeat it (although sometimes it takes repeating a mistake several times to really learn a lesson, so that’s ok too). In the meantime, try not to be so hard on yourself. Afterall, we are only human and no one makes it through life without a few bumps and scars. Making mistakes is what we do. It’s how we learn. I’m sure whatever mistake you made, there are plenty of other people who’ve done the exact same thing (in fact, I can pretty much guarantee it).

    Sometimes it makes me feel better if there’s something I can do to “fix” the mistake. For example, if it’s a relationship problem, then I’ll apologize. One of my favorite quotes: “Whether in fiction or life, it is never too late to revise!” If it’s a problem I can’t “fix” then I might do something else related to the mistake (volunteer time, pray for someone in a similar situation, pray the rosary or offer something else up as penance, etc.). Taking a positive action to balance the negative helps me to feel better. If you’re Catholic, you might consider confession. If not, you could call a counseling hotline or go to a support group. Telling someone else you trust about your mistakes can lift the greatest burdens!

    But, most important, I think, is saying you’re sorry & asking for forgiveness from God, which you’ve already done. As soon as you ask, you’re forgiven and no longer need to carry that with you!

    May God’s peace, forgiveness and love be with you. May you always feel his presence and know that there is nothing you can do that will make God abandon or stop loving you!

  2. Step Back

    first things first, step back from reality. its going to get better anyway you think about it, its just how long its going to take. if its a relationship mistake just give it time and let the anger/hate/wrong doings calm down and then think about your opotions you have on how to overcome this mistake. if its too do with money, thats not my forté as im only 14. if its to do with family or friends issues then just give them space for a period of time and think about your options and then approach the main person affected by your mistake. try not to say sorry at the first moment you can, always try and explain your side of the story before saying sorry. saying sorry makes the other person feel like they have done nothing to cause the mistake. Hope this may help you but if you find you need more guidance dont be afrain to write back 🙂

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