Prayer For Strength to Overcome My Jobs Hardships

by Joe (Doha)

Dear Lord,

I am in the depths of despair and suffering from a lot of anxiety and tension regarding my job. I know that these worries of mine are well known by You. As you are the Lord of this world, Heavenly Father, You are aware of the tears your children shed. My project is in a bad state and there would be many people to turn against me and point fingers at me. The fear of failure and the ensuing agony from others around me is really bogging me down. As you know it is like I cannot keep a clear head or a light heart owing to all this. It has been 9 months since I have seen my wife, son, parents and sister. I have missed 9 beautiful months of my son’s growth from the time He was born. This too is a huge sadness that I carry in my heart. Oh Lord, I have applied for leave to reach home for Christmas Eve so that I can celebrate my son’s 1st Christmas with the rest of the family. Please intercede so that I get the necessary approvals and that the state of the project would not cause any further tension during that period. Oh Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother, Pray for us.Oh St. Joseph, My Patron, Pray for us. Oh Guardian Angels, Pray for us,Keep us in your constant sight and offer protection to my young son. All Saint, Please pray for us. Amen

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