Prayer for Strength to Move On

by Paul (Cincinnati, OH)

My King, my father, My Lord!

Help me!

Give me strength to move on. Give me purpose in everyday that I awake with the gift of life. Show me my calling on this Earth. Take away all my fears, sorrow, anxieties, and any emptiness that I cannot explain. This emptiness haunts me daily, and it hurts my being.

Fill this whole in my heart. For you are almighty and powerful and know everything. I love you Lord. Thank you for everything you have done for me. You have opened many doors and have always watched over me.

I have beautiful testimonies that give me strength whenever I am down, that remind me of your divine power and that you always answer me.

God give me courage and strength to speak up when necessary. Help me overcome this endless battle of heaven and hell in my brain. Give me closure, pleeasee!!!

Fill me with your everlasting fire. Let me walk with the pride of a king through you! Make me feel unstoppable once again!


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