Prayer for Strength to Move Forward and to Continue to Stay in the PA program

O Lord, thank you for everything that you have done for me and my family. You have always been there for me both good and bad, and for that I thank you. You have helped me to get into the PA program, and only you know how I felt for the first 2 years, the struggle, pain and tears that I had to get into the program.

O Lord please be with me for the 3rd year of the program. Things have been really tough for me. I know I haven’t been as studious as I would have liked, but I honestly don’t know why I’m acting like that… I know my parents and my family are counting on me to become a PA and they have sacrificed so much for me and spent so much money on me with the belief that I will pass and become a PA. Even knowing all this, why am I acting the way that I am?? I have just passed one of my exams and I failed miserably on another…

I recently took 2 tests and I really hope that I passed those 2. I have 2 more tests and a final for this class and I need at least a C as my overall final grade. Lord, I humbly ask that you be with me during this time and to give me the strength and courage to study and work hard and not to be distracted or lazy and to pass this course and to continue to stay in the Physician assistant program.

O Lord, Please be with me! I really do want to be a PA! Everytime I’m in class, I get nervous and feel like I don’t want to be/should not be a PA, but once I calm down and relax I realize that I do want to be a PA. I can’t see myself doing anything else. O Lord, I know you wouldn’t let me continue to be in the program if that wasn’t in your plan.

I even prayed and begged whole heartedly to continue to stay, and I know you wouldn’t let me continue to be in the program if I wasn’t destined for that. Lord I believe in the saying “I will finish what I started,” and I need you there with me at all times Lord. I can’t do this without you! it is through your grace that I’m even here. Lord Jesus, please please please be with me and help me to pass my course. Please help me to get at least a C for my overall final grade for the class. Lord this may sound silly, but I made a promise that I wouldn’t watch certain movies until I graduate the PA program. To others, this may seem stupid or silly, but those movies have special meanings to me.

I also really like this boy and I really want to be a PA so I can be with him as well. Don’t get me wrong, my main reason to be a PA is to help patients, specifically little kids (Pediatrics). After watching the St.Jude commericials and crying nonstop, I realized that I really want to help little kids and make them feel better. There’s nothing more that I would want or that would make me happier. But the guy that I like is a lawyer, and his siblings are in the healthcare field and it would look good if I became a PA.

My family would be so proud as well! I know there are so many people asking for your help Lord, about healing of the sick and so many others, but I hope that I can help someone through your grace. If and when I do become a PA, I would love to help heal people. I have noticed that many people have prayed for their children or family and I hope and pray that they do get well, and that God willing, I will be able to help some of the people.

O Lord, please continue to be with me and everyone else. Help me to not get distracted and to reach for my goal of becoming a PA. Lord please help me to pass my exams and to pass the course so that I may pass the program and become a PA. Thank you so much for all that you have done O Lord. Amen

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