Prayer for strength to keep my relationship together

Father things is very difficult right now in chris and my relationship. i have been through so much for the past six years together and i always seem to be the one keeping the faith, doing what is necessary and being the strong one to keep your relationship and family together.

I strongly believe that u bring together cause he was my destiny because no matter what happen between us i still could’t give up lord u know i hold on for so long. all i want is my family happy and together. Just Chris and my son is all need lord together we’ll deal with all lives struggles. Lord i ask u to soften back Chris heart and restore that love we had when we met so we can show thats same love and affection to our son Christian and bring him up in a loving family home where both mother and father is together as one.

Father please give me faith and strength to carry on that i may never give up. keep away all temptation and obstacles that keep coming in Chris way for they are many lord trying t!
o make him break and fall, father please give that strength and some of that faith that i have in us. In the last few months i have seen so many changes and i know he’s trying so hard but the enemies still want him to fall but lord with your strength he can prevail and be the person that i know he can be. father I pray that you lead chris and guide him so that he never lie or betray me again, father I ask that you be with him everyday to help him and guide him. God please grand this please In Jesus name, Amen”

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  1. my relationship

    Lord, Please keep all evil away from my relationship. I know that we have both done damage to what we have had throughout all these past years. Help me to be strong and continue to fight for what can be and allow him to give us another chance. Lord, please keep all evil thoughts away from him and allow his mind to be open with love and feel that we can be more beautiful and give each other 100% as you have put us in this world to do. In your name and with your love God almighty Amen!

  2. AMEN

    I found this prayer to today, and said it, I felt each word and the power of GOD working, HE is real, HE will answer all who come before HIM, in Jesus name Amen 🙂

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