Prayer for strength to get through school

by Anne (Florida)

Lord, please give me strength to get through school and make something of my life. I don’t want to give in to drugs and alcohol again and I need your love and guidance.

Please help my mother stop drinking and be willing to mend our relationship. Please forgive me for my sins and wrong doings, and please give me an opportunity to make amends with all I have hurt.

This is the most important scary part of my life God,help me to be strong and not to stray from the path you have chosen for me.Please remind me of all my reasons to live and take these suicidal thoughts from me.


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  1. Prayer for strength to get through school

    I have and also ways pray for us (myslef included) and my Son who is taking drugs as well. Hang in there help is at hand.

    Keeping you in my prays.

  2. Just give your best

    my prayer is to help you Stay strong, you say you don’t want to go back to drugs etc which sounds like you conquered it once so we know that you have will power, be true to this and those that love you that you hurt in the past will forgive. I know when you’ve been involved in drugs that things can look very black, but you’ve already taken the first steps by asking for help. Keep it up and try your best is all you can ask of yourself, and I give you love to help with this to get through school and make something of life.

  3. hold on

    just stay strong and do like me think of people that are waste then you i have the same thought i am a single parent alone by myself with the same thought as you i also have a mother that drink i also have to kids and one disable and 5 to 6 nights i go to bed hungry i have to feed my kids i don’t have a a job i never had anyone my family is no good all for there self and i don’t like to ask for help i have alway been the one to help others so it hurt me to be going threw what i am and to have to tell my kids at christmas time that mommy don’t have that much and they only get 4 thing which is better than nothing but just thank god and stay strong and think of strength and strong and just hold on

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