Prayer for strength in this very difficult time

by J (Pc, Fl)

Dear Lord,

Please grant me the strength to get through this very difficult time in my life. I recently got divorced and it is weighin heavily on my heart. I have been drinking too much and that has led to problems with others. I feel that I have lost everything. I know I shouldn’t feel this way. I am having a difficult time with anxiety and loneliness and I feel afraid. I don’t want to feel this way anymore. It is taking a toll on my body and is smothering me. Please God come into my body and cleanse me of this feeling. God come into my home and protect me. Protect me from any enemies that may try to harm me. Watch over me day and night with your angels lord. Please hear my prayer and release me from these feelings.

In Jesus name I pray Amen and Amen

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