Prayer for strength in the workplace

(El Paso, Texas, USA)

Dear Lord, I ask that you give me strength and guidance as I do not know what to do. Things have gotten so difficult lately and it is with a heavy heart that I go to work most days. I ask that you lead the way and help me overcome all the negativity I have endured.

I believe you have never left my side, but I have been temporarily blinded and cannot see or feel you beside me even though you are always here from me. I know there are others with much harder difficulties in their lives, but I will do my best to offer them my support so that they do not feel what I feel today.

I am forever grateful for everything you have provided for me for the past 29 years of my life and ask that my family be given the se strength, courage and guidance that I ask for myself. In your name dear Lord I pray. Amen

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