Prayer for strength in relationship


Dear Lord,

People all think I am very strong and always have been able to maintain strength until now. I am very weak when it comes to this relationship. I have allowed it to control me and my love for this person. I want to have the strength to go on with my life and do the right things for me. I will love this individual but I need strength, patience, and guidance. Things cannot stay as they are. I am willing to change but I need strength and the courage to just not worry so much about this because its distracting my life. Help me in this time of need because I feel like I am failing and its the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I want to be strong and not hurt anyone else involved. Please help me move on in my path in life.

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  1. strength

    I need strength I pray.
    This person is very deceitful he destroyed my family and myself. He uses other for his own self worth. He is the lowest of lows.
    It is very very sad and very hard to accept.
    He met someone else- let him be with her. She has no idea the depth of his attitude and violent temper.
    His extra curricular activities consume him and always will.
    He is skewed on reality and makes fun of the people that took care of him he would of been in the street.
    Anyways its all done praying for exceptional strength to think I wasted so many years and devoted it all to this person.
    hard to accept the inevitable….

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