Prayer for strength in our relationship

by Danielle (GA)

Dear heavenly father I come to you as humble as I know how. Lord I want to thank you for bringing this man in my life. It feels as if you have sent him to be in my life forever not for just a season. Lord I ask that you give us both the strength to carry on with our relationship. Things aren’t always good but I do have faith that you will make things better.

We have only been together for six months and we want to get married. We are also making arrangements to move in with each other. Financial wise we are in need and its causing tension between us even though I know that you will provide. Encourage us to have patience, love one another for who we are, seek guidance from you and build a stronger relationship with you therefore other relationship will grow.

Thank you for taking the time out to hear me lord. I almost forgot, lord let you will be done. I love you and in Jesus name I pray. Amen