Prayer for strength in me

by Nathan A. (Indiana)

Dear Lord,

May your grace and mercy continue to rain down on this world that lies in GODS hands. Look over my heart and mind. my mind is weak and I refuse to give up a fight that is meant for you. i’m just a grain of sand in this cosmic creation of love.

My family is in need of your love and wisdom. like a child i come crawling back to your grace and happiness i once knew. thank you for never letting go lord. I pray for my soul and ask for forgiveness.

Look over all the children all over the world that don’t have your love. may your love fill there hands with food and there hearts of peace. help me help myself lord.I pray to the believers that there faith is not shaking.

Lord Jesus lead me from evil and not to temptation. in Jesus name I pray. Amen.

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