Prayer for Strength in Marriage


Heavenly father, Lord above ,

I humbly come to you asking that you restore my marriage, I ask that you search my husbands heart and his mind, bring him back to the place he was when we stood before you and made our vows forever, I ask that you bring us together so that we may celebrate our anniversary and, the many more we have to come, as a happy, committed devoted and spiritual husband and wife, as well as dedicated parents, dear God I ask that you bring restoration to our lives and bring us closer, clear the lines of communication and remove the ideas, and thoughts of temptation from our hearts, remove the ideas and notions of divorce, bound us together lord, make us stronger, make us holy, bind us as one, create and bond for us that is inpenatrable by any and every negative and every outside force, lord I ask that you call my husband to you, will him back to your word bring him back to you, so that he may be a devoted and committed husband and father, I ask that you move through me lord, clear my thoughts , teach me forgiveness for pass issues, help me to be closer to you so that through you I can be a better mother and wife, lord in my hearts of hearts I am bound and devoted and committed to this marriage help my husband see this, help us both see the eternal benefits of us doing your will and remaining as one

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