Prayer for strength, hope, direction & healing

by R. Grier (Florida)

God I come to you today asking for strength, hope, direction & healing. The man that I love has left my heart broken & heavy. Father I don’t know what to do or where to go.

I felt like giving up on life but that would be selfish on part. Father I need help healing & mending this broken heart. The part that is killing me the most is the fact that I’m carrying his unborn child & he could just walk away with out looking back.

Father I know you will never put more on us than we can bare but right now father I don’t feel like I can bare this pain. I have never hurt so bad but I will continue to look to you for healing. I know asked you to show me if this was the man for me but I had no idea it would be this painful to see. Please o Lord shine you light on me so I can see the joy that is ahead. For joy cometh in the morning.

Please continue to bless my unborn son and keep him healthy despite all the depression I’m putting on him.

I ask this and all things in Jesus name…Amen

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