Prayer for strength, hope and patience

dear god, my guardian angels and all archangels and angels, my spirit guides

please give me the strenght hope and patience as to where i am now in my life, i ask you to help me release all my resentment, unforgiveness, resistance and fears towards my finances, towards my romantic love life and toward anything else that is causing me to fear worry and be stressful . iam also asking you to grant to me for my highest good which i so desire to have in my divine plan in life a loving romantic partner a man who is perfect for me to share with him a healthy romantic loving relationship nad future together, thank you to grant me finance abundance and have enough money to pay for all my needs in my divine plan in life, thank you
please allow these to occur now in my divne life plan in a most benevolent outcome for me. and may the result be even better than i could hope for imagine or expect. thank you, thank you thank you

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