Prayer for Strength & Healing.

I left a job of a 11 yrs for another opportunity and was let go the 2nd day. I was lost in hurt. How will i provide for myself and my family. Then my home was robbed and they had my boyfriend at gun point, but I was able to escape. I couldnt go back there because we have 2 kids.

So I live with my sisters with the kids and he stay with his mom. Its hard looking for a decent place to live with unemployment as my only income because they need job proof and stability. So i feel lost and my whole life did a 360. My 2 yr old and stepson r driving me a little wild because they are 2 rough boys. My sisters and I live differently. In Im used to my own. I feel like Im losing it and Im trying to gain my sanity back. I miss my life. I know Im going through trials & tribulations. O talk to GOD and wonders if he hears me. Please pray for me.

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  1. Faith

    Good morning
    I prayed for this morning
    The Lord hears you! Keep the faith
    Please go to church each Sunday
    Even if alone take your children if
    You can
    I left a job for a better place found out
    The owner was not honest and then the
    Economy went bad took a leap of faith
    Started my own business using my skills I
    Learned from the previous job I lefT
    This is my. 5th year business is growing
    But I need more faith now to get through
    This fifth year as I have made mistakes
    In running the business This is the second
    Time I started a business and wonder if I
    Should have stayed with the I had previously
    I believe they. lord is with and I need to use
    My time and talents the best I can and he
    Will not leave my side

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