Prayer For Strength & Guidance

by Raveena (Sri Lanka)

Dear loving father,

I praise you for all that you have granted me with. But, Jesus recently life has become a huge struggle for me and family. We tenderly accept that we have sinned a lot knowingly and unknowingly. I along with my family members seek forgiveness for the hurt that our sins caused you. I above all has been such a disappointing child to you. I am so sorry and please forgive me, my dear father. I have abandoned you many times and have walked back to you. I keep repeating my sins and I under value the precious gift of life that you have so lovingly given me. I am sorry for my continual suicidal thoughts. I really need you help to overcome these challenges and walk on the path that you chose for me. But, as a sinner I have no idea what that path is. I am so lost my Jesus. I do not know what I am doing. I am such a worthless living being. I have a feeling that my sinful life is affecting me family as well.. Our family is tumbling down in every possible way. We are facing immense financial struggles. My parents are suffering a lot and i stand so vulnerable with no way to help them Jesus. please give me strength and guide me to be who you desire me to be Jesus. Have mercy on us, poor souls and grant us peace and happiness Jesus. We adore you and we love you so much. You are our only saviour.

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