Prayer for strength for a father in need of seeing his only adult her every other week as a shared parenting with his daughters mother.

by Christi (Texas, United States)

Lord, I ask that u strengthen my son that is in a court battle with his only child’s mother. Our/his request is to continue his possession order as is and has been in place for past 2 years. Sharing custody on a 50/50 order thru the judge. His fear is his child’s mother has had him served with court papers to get primary custody and child support.

Child’s mother makes a great amount of money and my son lives pay check to pay check. Child’s mother is very demanding and extremely disrespectful to my son the father of the child. While the mother is 10 years older, she constantly demeans him. (Sad).

Please lift the mother up in prayer that she become reasonable and respectful. I (his mom) trust and have faith that u will lift this burden the mother is placing on both my granddaughter and my son, and make the best decision for all three. (Mom,dad and child). In Jesus name I pray.

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