prayer for strength during court

by Zoe (Calif)

Dear lord. First i have to give thanks for my wonderful life i have and all my daily blessing you have provided me with. I apologize fornot saying thank you enough. I am crieing and calling you LORD in this desperate time of need. You know I am a wonderful mother to my children but my sons father has taken me to court again for custody. You already know LORD that i have severe anxiety and court hearings make me have panic attacks. LORD the lasttime i went to court i called to YOU for the strength during the hearing and you answered my prayers. YOU GAVE me the strength YOU answered me by letting the judge understand my ex should not have custody of my son. Again LORD i call upon YOUR HELPplease bless me withthe strength to get through this. Please dont let my aon get taken Away please let ,court go my way, for the custody, name change , the moving and the restauranteur orders. Pleaae GOD help me. Thank amen

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