Prayer for Strength, Courage, and Faith to Carry On

by Lost And Confused (Oklahoma)

I am a 25 year old Mother of two married to a man that somewhere along the way we have missed each other. We do not communicate, sleep in the same room, nor stay around each other long enough to hold a descent how was your day conversation. We are struggling with money and our marriage. Sometimes I sacrifice the money end of things just to better our marriage or so I thought it would better our marriage. I am turning here because there is no one around to talk to anymore. I have started talking to the pastor who married us. I have fallen off the path and need to find my way back to Jesus. I think he has fallen off too but he is so negative that I do not know how to help him make the decision to get back on the right path. Please keep us in your prayers as we struggle to find Jesus and keep on that path. Please pray for our marriage….we do not believe in divorce but it seems to find its way back to us all the time. Thank You and Bless you all!

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