Prayer for strength courage acceptance and peacefulness and prayer for my brother who has cancer

by Annabellee (Philippines)

Lord, I acknowledge and believe in your holy power, you are my God and my Father. I ask you to bless me and my siblings to have more strength, courage, acceptance and peacefulness in handling and accepting whatever verdict you will give our brother boyet. I pray for a miracle to happen that You will give him another chance to live with us and his children but in the event You decide to take him away from us, Please Lord give us your peacefulness and acceptance wholeheartedly that He will live with you eternally and peacefully with Ma and Pa. Ma dula na ang pains and sacrifices nya . Give him a peaceful exit in this world Father and not pain. Strengthen more of our spiritual faith in you more father me, dennis, Dm and my siblings and you will bless my work more with more statmnts to come, cash advnce loan so I can share it with my family still.. I ask that you will continue to release whatever negatives in my system and you will release that and I will conquer the world with no fear at all . I can do all things through christ , who strengthens me. God is with me therefore who will be against me?… These I ask through the same christ our Lord Amen…

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