prayer for strength and wisdom in relationships

I ask for strength after knowing that truth that my boyfriend for 15months was cheating on me is now having a relationship with another woman. He is 11 years younger than I am (36yrs) and we tried to make the relationship work inspite of his family not wanting us to have one.

I don’t know the real reason but it could b the age. I am here in Europe and he his in our country and he has some issues about his family, wanting attention from them and providing for them even if he is not the oldest one. I know it has been hard to be separated but we tried to keep in touch by phone, Skype and email. I am broken hearted for him to be so dishonest even if i was asking him straight to tell me until the other girl confirmed that they have a relationship. I am so angry and really of confused.

I still love him but I have willingly gave him his space and freedom because I don’t want “sharing” especially since the woman has a child from another man so i don’t want to compete if he is happy. I just pray that we learn from this relationship and find our way towards what God wants us to have. I pray for wisdom for him to know his mistakes and hopefully correct it by not doing it again with that girl. I pray for guidance for me as well as I finish my studies here abroad and safely come home next year. I don’t want to see him and his family so I pray that our paths not cross until we have truly forgiven each other. Thank you very much. I am Audrey and my ex-boyfriend whom I loved so much is Mac Roland. The will of the Lord is most important.

I am thankful He gave me the chance to feel happy and loved during and after all these happenings! Praise be the Lord of Lords! Amen