Prayer for Strength and Prosperity during this difficult time

Dear Lord,

I’m coming to you humbly praying for strength during this difficult time. Financially, I and my family are in dire straights. I thank you for my mother, who is always willing to help, but, I feel like such a burden on her. I want to take care of her at this point in my life and I am unable to after loosing my job do to an unfair circumstance.

But, I know loosing that job was a blessing! I pray that you order my steps in the direction of what my heart truly desires. I want to share so much with the world through my art and teaching, but, it seems no one will give me an opportunity to show what I am fully capable of. The artistic gift I have is YOURS! I know that! I am simply ready to share it with others and be a blessing to others (especially my mom) through my art.

Please help me with the moments that my faith becomes crippled by circumstance. All I can say is THANK YOU during this trying time. I know it’s for my good. I just need strength during this process. Amen

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