Prayer for Strength and Patience for blessing from God

by YPL ()

Dear Heavenly Father,

i had just submitted my prayer request for financial blessings, as currently my husband and I have no income but waiting for patiently for claims funds to come in, it has been delayed. I am praying daily for God’s blessing to touch the heart of officer who is processing our claim to pass our claims. I am shouldering bills to be paid, and surely I believe i am not the only one who is in such situation. I pray for God’s strength on all of us who are in same financial turmoil.

God, please give my husband the faith and strength to believe you have plans for us already who i pray very hard Your plans will be unfold in these few days, as our deadline is just few days again. Truly God, i am at my lost wits, i do not know what to do, other than consistently and fervently praying to You, answering my prayers.

Please God, please I beg for your blessing and actions. I am desperate now really at my dead end.

Praise the Lord, praise the Lord.