prayer for strength and hope

by Frincesm (Philippines)

dear Lord,

I am sorry for forgetting you most of the time,
i am sorry for i have sinned so many times,
i regret the things that made you sad
you always forgive i am so glad

i am so lost right now i don’t know why
i am crying for help so hard i tried
if this is a punishment please forgive me
for the light you shine i cannot see

please help me and get thru this pain
you gave me life but i can’t play the game
the only rule is to be good and true
i gave my best but i’m pale blue

i cry to you my lord
please help me and forgive me
i am so sorry for all my mistakes
i did not know so much is at stake

i need you please but i will accept
for you will be done i accept my fate

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