Prayer for Strength and Healing of the Heart

Can someone please pray for my heart to heal. I have been in this relationship for almost a year and I have been so emotionally destroyed. I feel like I have let this person treat me so poorly that I have lost a sense of self that was once so stable and strong.

Please God can you renew me. I do not want to be sad every day any more. Help me realize that I am worth more. Give me the strength to understand that I am a beautiful wonderful woman and I have alot to offer. Please help me to love myself and feel free and whole again.

Help me to love myself the way you love me. Amen and thank you so much!

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  1. The Lord is coming to heal you


    I call upon you now, heal this woman, and let her wake up from this darkness. Let her, when she least expects it, to wake up with a change of mind and heart! Father, Let this woman bask in laughter soon, laughter with others, at life, and just with herself. You will soon awake from the darkness and realize you are renewed. Let her walk and radiate light, love, and happiness! God has better plans for you right now. You are beautiful and confident! Shall no one have power over you but the Lord. You will be fine, I promise. God is there right now to heal you. Your heart will be glued together and you will be free from all your pain and mourning. Get a good nights sleep and believe in the Lord and you will wake up refreshed the NEXT day! I know you will. God be with her and open her eyes to freedom, and that one day this woman will look back and laugh about it. Let her look back and realize she is Someone and has a calling through you! God be with her.


  2. Healing of the heart

    I pray that the Lord would heal your heart, may he keep you as the apple of his eye and hide you in the shadows of his arm. His arms are wide enough to hold you up in them. The lord LOVE YOU.
    Jesus would heal your heart and give you the strength to live each day in his LOVE. God Bless you and may he forgive all your sins

  3. The broken heart prayer

    Dear Lord, thank you for loving me and protecting me.I pray for all women who feel ravaged emotionally and spiritually from abusive relationships… Lord I lift them up to you for renewal and to be blessed and renewed by your Holy Spirit. Lord I know the agony of this spiritual, emotional and often physical trauma myself, and pray for your healing and comfort to lift me out of this darkness and depression. Lord Jesus, I pray that you would restore lost self esteem and provide wisdom on how to move forward out of the fog of this depression-please help us to honor ourselves and you Lord, so that others will treat us with honour also. Please fill us with your peace and calm. Please guide me each day to avoid the thoughts and behaviors that are keeping me and other women trapped in unhealthy and self destructive relatiinships. Please help me and other women who are struggling to focus on what is good and right in your eyes and to see our self worth as you do and not be undermined by people who only torment demean and undermine our spirits and bodies with controlling and abusive attitudes and behaviors. Lord help us to heal from traumas in he past, and to recognize our patterns of behaviors that are often the result of those traumas as often we are unaware of how we get involved in old self destructive patterns with our abusers. Lord please bring good people into our lives who we can trust, real friends, surround us with your angels Lord.
    Lead us each day when we feel weak or strong.
    Help us all to accept your love and forgiveness so that we will have clean hearts and spirits once more and will value ourselves as you do. Thank you Lord for your grace and your mercy Lord, and thank you for your kindness, protection and healing. in Jesus name.

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