prayer for strength and guidance in this time of sadness

by Rj (Philippines)

dear Lord i pray for guidance and strength. im under going a state of depression because my boyfriend is away from me. i pray you guide him and give him a sound mind and body always. help him to avoid temptation and always trust in you and our relationship.

i know that we will be facing alot of challenges along the way but we trust in you. help us to hold on to each other. and never let go. may you be the foundation of our relationship. lord, despite this depression i feel right now, always remind me that you are with me. i know i can survive this.

i pray that you hold my and together we will face all the struggles that may come across my life. i also pray for my family, pls give them good health always and a sound mind. keep them away from danger. and for my work i pray that you help me do my job well. amen