Prayer for Strength and Forgiveness

by Anonymous (New York)

Dear Lord,

I can’t take it anymore. My mind is working against me and it is getting harder and harder everyday to rejoice in your love. I feel as though everyday I do something that makes you hate me, I feel as though Ive committed a sin you can never forgive me for. My anxiety and thoughts are racing. I love you so much, yet I feel as though Im doomed and will never make it to Heaven. Please make it known to me that You God and Jesus, love me, please help me live a prosperous life that I know is from You and Your Son Jesus Christ. Please lead me and guide me. I want to make it to Heaven, I don’t want anything else. I hate feeling as though Ive committed a sin against you that you can never forgive and I am doomed. Help me overcome my enemies, and distinguish my own thoughts from anything that tries to convince me otherwise. I love you Father, and Your Son the Messiah Jesus Christ. Help me overcome my enemies and find your love, and know that you will never forsake me. PLEASE GOD PLEASE I NEED YOU

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