Prayer for strength and direction

by Pat (Akron, Oh USA)

Dear Lord

I honor and praise you because you are God alone and there is no other!
I come before you confessing my sins that I might come before you with a clean heart. I confess that you are all right and I am all wrong and that it is only by the blood of Jesus that I have any righteousness to come before you in prayer! Thank you for my brothers and sisters in Christ that join me now in this prayer.

Today my daughter must go before the Tenure and Promotion committee to defend herself against accusations of canceling classes excessively and not having rigorous classes. She just got this notification less than 48 hours ago.
i am asking that you calm her spirit, give her clarity and direction.

And I pray that you give her favor where she needs it most, and that when this is all said and done, she will see your great Hand of faithfulness and deliverance.

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