Prayer for strength and courage in dire financial times

by Tania (Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia)

Lord, I come to you seeking your assistance to help us through this terrible financial crises we find ourselves presently in. Through some improper actions of others, my family has been left destitute & I am struggling to provide the basic needs of my gorgeous children which is causing me to feel troubled & lost constantly. I prayer that the end is near for this situation and through faith, love and your constant support, we will be able to provide for our children in the way that you Almighty Father have entrusted us to do. I don’t want to feel troubled anymore, I want to feel love, happiness & strength always. You have given me the greatest gift possible with my children, now I seek your guidance Lord to be able to give them the happiness and love they so richly deserve. Lord, I prayer that a solution is not far away and I will be set free from this burden I live with daily. I ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen

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