Prayer for strength and courage and Protection from evil

by Singaram Vasudevarao (Hyderabad ,TS,India)

Lord please bless me with your holy spirit,and purify me right now my lord give me strength and knowledge,remove the fear in me and stress and anxiety and nervous in body and mind totally and completely,lord i need you,please bless me lord kindly bless my family,heal us and protect us from every bad evil spirits around us,and people who are around causing trouble and disturbance willingly the devil minded women who i have get married,please my we have all been troubled and suffered through her evil thoughts,lord kindly destroy the evil and devil women as soon as possible,lord please right now i want to do her please i beg you right from the knees and from my bottom of my heart,lord please right now give her answer to her what ever she have done to us,we believe in you and we have faith on you.

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