Prayer for Strength and Acceptance

by Brandon (Casa Grande Arizona)

Dear heavenly father bless our souls. For we know not what we have done we chose our paths And struggle down them. Lord grant us the strength to accept the things that we cannot change and the courage to pick ourselves up and perservere. Grant us the wisdom to change our paths and to move upon the path you chose for us.

For your children to all of mankind lord bless us all every soul every day including the devil himself bless us and give us the strength courage and wisdom to accept our sins and to beg for forgiveness. Lord watch over us all and bless us in our time of struggle. We are all your children and most of us are misguided and have lost faith. Grant humanity the wisdom to forgive ourselves and one another for thee greater good.

Allow us the giftsbin which u gave to us and have taken away due to our sina. Allow us to live sin free and the ones who resist your will llow them the knowledge to learn to come home to you our lord and savior. In your name i pray for the universe. In your name is the only way to reach our destiny. Guide us all even the ones whom go against you. We all deserve to be saved. Allow us all the courage and strength to accept our sins and to ask forgiveness. No one deserves to parish to eternal damnation.

We all deserve the guidance to return to thegates of heaven. Even the devil himself deserves to be saved. Lord bless the universe and forgive us all. in Jesus Christ name I pray for every thing in your universe AMEN

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